Welcome to Du Plooy Melkery where we offer a variety of fresh products, produced right here on our property. Conveniently situated on easily accessible farmland East of Pretoria.

Since we sell directly to the public, any otherwise overhead costs are not passed onto our clients.

Our office hours are also suitable for the “Early Bird” clients as well as those that pop around after a hard days work.

As this is mainly a dairy farm, our main Product Range are Dairy related, from fresh milk to cheeses as well as fresh meats, vegetables, eggs and lovely locally produced jams, conserved fruits, and freshly baked cookies and cakes.

Further to this we cater for Banting Products at a market held once a month.

Come and enjoy a meal, be it breakfast or other, at our spectacular Tea Garden.

Parents are also welcome to share share life with their children when viewing all the different flora and fauna that is typically found in an environment such as this.

Products on offer:

Wide range of Home-made Cookies, Rusks, Cakes, Cheeses, Ice Cream, Yoghurt’s, and the best Milk in town.

  • Locally cured Biltong and Droëwors.
  • Variation of Ice Cream, Yoghurt  to enjoy on the Farm or on the go.
  • Home-made Jams, Pickles, Relishes and a large range of  honey products.
  • A wide range of local cheeses and meats, including our famous Skilpadjies.
  • A healthy section including wheat and gluten free, as well as sugar free products.
  • Assorted beverages including homemade ginger beer, fresh fruit juices and mikshakes.
  • Assorted sweet treats for young and old

If you would like to find out more about us, please contact us »